Supporting medication administration may not be part of your role, but if it is, it is important that you have been trained to do it and understand each step of the process. All medicines are potentially harmful if not used correctly, and care must be taken in their storage, administration, control and safe disposal. In this module you have 3 classes classified into the following

  • Legislation, Code of Practice & Policies
  • Legal Categories of Medicines
  • Types of Medicines and Routes of Administration
  • Laws and Rights of Administration
  • The MAR Sheet
  • Medication Policy
  • Classification of medicine error
  • Legal Categories of Medicines
  • Routes of Administration
  • Types of Administration
  • The Laws of Administration
  • The FIVE Rights of Administration
  • The Prescription
  • Ordering Prescriptions
  • Receiving the Medicines
  • Checking
  • Medicine Storage
  • Disposal of Refused & Spoilt Doses
  • Disposal at End or Discontinuation of Treatment
  • The Medicine Label
  • Directions
  • Variable Dosage
  • When Required (PRN)
  • Test Result Dependant
  • Sliding Scale
  • Body Map
  • Inhalers
  • Ear Drop
  • Eye drop
  • Cream
  • Side effect of medication
  • Administration Errors & Discrepancies
  • Level of Administration

Course Content